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NS Galactic is a telemedicine application that recognizes, diagnoses and provides solutions to the ailments that may occur during a space mission or in space tourism.


NS Galactic aims to monitor the health data of astronauts and people participating in space tourism instantly and to prevent discomfort with preventive measures.


NS Galactic continues its studies for distant planet colonization studies.

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Oğuzhan AYDEMİR Founder


Selçuk YİLMAZ Lead Developer


Ferdi Tayfut DÖNMEZ Developer


Ayşenur ÇAKMAKÇI Developer


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NS Galactic is an Artificial Intelligence Supported diagnostic kit and telehealth application. It allows you to diagnose diseases with sound frequencies and receive remote health support. Your doctor who will always be with you in the depths of space, maybe one day on distant planets.

1-2 minute

The success rate varies according to the environment, and the success rate for Covid-19 is 91%.

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